The Most Lessons!


The best instructors, former

police, professors and

professional drivers.

100,000 Drivers Trained!


Over 35 Years of Excellence.

Current & Future Students

Be the safest licensed driver you can be and pass the road test on the first try! We are here for you from permit to license, and we now have more lessons and ways to help such as:

  • SKIDZ School at our West Boylston campus—FREE!—with Driver’s Ed.
  • Parallel Park Bootcamp & Road Test Assessments
  • Centralized Call Center & Scheduling for Great Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • An Expanded Team of Expert Instructors which Means More Lessons
  • New Services at our West Boylston campus include: CDL Commercial Driver Training, Fleet and Van “Training”, Motorcycle, Adaptive & Senior Driving
  • Summer Vaca Packages: Start Driver’s Ed with us off-Cape/Finish on-Cape or vice versa

Welcome to CMSC Cape Cod!

FAQs below

Transfer Here or enter your Student Portal  to book any missing lessons.    Use your old username and password or click ‘Forgot your login credentials?’

We’re on the Cape so you can get your license!

  • New instructors, vehicles & lessons. Headquarters 5 Mark Lane, Hyannis!
  • Discounted student lessons $59! 

Time to Drive! But you only need the lessons you’re missing

  • 30 hour class, 2-hour parent class, 12 driving lessons, Skidz (free), 6 observations (free & no need to schedule observations–just stay in the car after you drive or ask a CMSC instructor to let you observe another lesson.)
  • Any lessons you’ve taken already are saved in the RMV’s database

We’re honored you picked us.  CMSC has helped thousands just like you with their driver’s education. We’ve now opened on the Cape so you can finish your training and become a safe, licensed driver! — Yours truly, Jake Cooney, CEO, CMSC Cape Cod


    • Do I have to pay for driver’s ed again?  Only for the lessons you need and at a discounted rate. While the RMV processes your refund we are here to help keep your driver’s ed going.

    • I can’t login or get onto the portal  Try this new link: Cape Cod Student Portal Use your old username and password or click ‘Forgot your login credentials’

    • Do I need to sign up or register with CMSC Cape Cod?  You only need to register with us if you’re not a former Professional DS student. If you are a former PDS student, there’s no need to sign up.  Just log into your portal and buy or schedule any classes or lessons you need like a 30-Hour Classroom, 2-Hour Parent Class or 12-Hours of Road Lessons. Cape Cod Student Portal Use your old username and password or click ‘Forgot your login credentials’

    • How much do I have to pay?  The student discounted rate of $59 per lesson or home pickup premium lesson at $95.

    • Are you new owners of PDS?  No. In the end we decided not to merge with PDS.

    • Does my child get credit for the lessons she’s taken?  Yes! Any classes or lessons your child has taken have been preserved in the RMV database.

    • Will CMSC get a road test for us?  Yes! After your 12th lesson, call 508-835-2333 or email “Road Test” to Email CMSC and we will certify you and give you a date for your road test.

    • How long will I have to wait to get a road test with CMSC Cape Cod?  We are often at the mercy of the RMV but in general you will only have to wait 2-3 weeks for a road test after you finish your lessons and we certify your driver’s ed.

    • Why is it taking so long to talk to someone?  We apologize for the incovenience. Our call center has been flooded with phone calls, sometimes 3-5 calls per student.

    • If I attended a classroom, will I have to pay for another complete driver’s ed package?  No. Just 12 lessons at a discounted rate of $59. That means $708. Observations, parent class and Skidz are included free of charge! We also offer financial aid!

    • Can you get my daughter or son‘s license done in a couple of weeks?  Finishing 12 lessons generally takes 3-4 months. We recommend practicing the skills and maneuvers for 1-2 weeks between lessons. The RMV wants you to practice for 6 months so it’s a good idea to spread out your lessons so you can have a few near your road test date.

    • How long are your car lessons?  One hour.

    • When will your office open up and where will it be?  It’s open! 175 W. Main St., Hyannis.

    • How many instructors and cars do you have?  On Cape Cod, we have 10 vehicles and 10 driving instructors, 3 of them newly-trained

    • How often do you have parent classes?  Every 2 weeks!

    • Can I be put on a cancellation list for road lessons?  Yes! Please email Email CMSC “Add me to Lesson Cancellation List”

    • How can I schedule lessons?  You can buy or schedule any classes or lessons you need such as a 30-Hour Classroom, 2-Hour Parent Class or 12-Hours of Road Lessons by logging into your portal here: Cape Cod Student Portal Use your old username and password or click ‘Forgot your login credentials’

    • How many lessons can I have at one time.  2 lessons at a time. When one is finished, another becomes available. We found this limit allows everyone to have lessons.

    • Is Skid School included for free?  Yes! When you get your license we’d love to book you in our SkidzSchool here in West Boylston. You never forget it and it may even save your life! SkidzSchool

    • Why don’t you do home pickups?  We do offer premium home pick ups but we believe in central pickups for the following reasons: Instead of spending your whole lesson shuttling other students home, centralized pickups allow you to spend more time practicing actual RMV skills and maneuvers. Our pickup locations also allow us to offer more available lessons to you than other schools.

    RMV Refunds

    • How long will it take the state to reimburse me for PDS lessons never received?  We don’t know for sure but we’ve heard the RMV refund process generally takes 6-8 months.

    • What am I being reimbursed for and how much will I get back?  As CMSC is not involved in this process we do not know what size refunds are coming for the classes or lessons you bought from PDS but never received.

    • Should I contact the RMV or will they contact me?  We are told the RMV has your name on their PDS refund list and will be reaching out to you soon.

    We are proud to be the Official Driving School of The Woosox!