How To Get A Class D Learner’s Permit


Applying for Your Class D Learner’s Permit in 4 Easy Steps:

1. Make an appointment online at the RMV.

  • Your application must be processed at a Service Center (with an appointment) to review your identification documents, administer a vision exam, and take your photo. Follow the steps below:
    • Go to Mass.Gov/RMV and select Make/Cancel a Reservation, and then Apply for a Learner’s Permit.
    • Then select date, time, and location for application appointment to visit a Service Center. After you select date, time, and location and enter your information, you will be sent a confirmation email stating to arrive on time and prepared for the visit at your selected location.
    • Complete your application.
    • Visit the RMV Service Center at your scheduled time.
    • You will be given instructions to take the exam online.
  • Permits are only valid for 2 years!

2. When arriving at the RMV Bring in the student’s appropriate paperwork and fill out the application.

  • Original Birth Certificate with a raised seal
  • SS Card
  • Passport
  • Proof of Residency

3. You will take an eye exam, and have your picture taken; decide what type of permit/license you want (Real ID or State issued), if you will be an organ donor, and both student and parent are required to sign. Pay a fee of $30.


4. Permit exam will can be taken online at the RMV or at home if your computer has a web camera and a compatible web browser.

  • The exam is timed and once it has started, you cannot pause it. You have 25 minutes and you must answer 18 out of 25 correctly in that time.
  • Topics covered on the exam include alcohol misuse, suspensions, and JOL violations, as well as rules of the road and identifying road signs.
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