Road Test Rebound

Hi! This is Jake Cooney, Director of CMSC Driving School.

We hope you’re keeping your spirits up about the Road Test. We’ll get this. Dust yourself off and keep practicing! If you’re ready to book that Road Test you can call 508-835-2333.

Here’s my text peptalk:

  • Keep practicing “Tracy’s Tidbit” sheet above on our ‘Resources’ page.
  • Come practice here at CMSC‘s West Boylston and keep driving similar routes until you learn the skills by heart on any road.
  • Use the cars in our parking lot to practice parallel parking.
  • Practice the RMV skills like Blind Spot checks: turn your head left and right to look back whenever pulling to or away from the curb
  • Reverse driving: always look out the Rear Window when driving backward
  • Know the Rules of the Road: always come to a Complete Stop (until you feel a small ‘jerk’)
  • Stay in your Lane—especially when turning (this means Slow Down before the turn).
  • Practice your 3-Point Turns (stay off the curb ;-), and Left-Hand Turns at intersections (the hardest thing is waiting, but wait you must, until you see at least a football field of empty road—then go!)
  • Practice parallel parking or take CMSC’s PARALLEL PARK BOOTCAMP which is an hour of the best parallel parking instruction and a guarantees you will pass it on the road test or we will refund the cost.

The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be and the more you’ll remember everything you already know. Try taking a slow, deep breath every time you come to a stop. This will keep you cool and sharp and the examiner will also feel safe and overlook the small stuff.

Most importantly, get back in the road test saddle and pass the road test—you got this!

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